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"KueIt made it easier for me to load up my sounds. No more instant replay…KueIt makes it convenient now to have everything in your laptop and ready to go. Those people that are old school and still doing the old thing, take your career… renew it, and 'GET FAMILIAR' with KueIt!"

Clinton Sparks

"KueIt allows DJs to step their game up. You can play like a radio DJ in front of a crowd, KueIt is one of the hottest new programs to hit the market."

DJ Kid Capri

HBO's Def Comedy Jam

"KueIt is incredible, you can have your profile hooked up... so when I gotta do my radio show, on the air, on the internet, in the club, you're ready to go! KueIt is the way to go... go get KueIt today. Trust me, you won't go wrong!"

DJ Enuff

Hot 97 NYC, Leader of the Heavy Hitters

"KueIt is the better get with it baby, DJ Clue told you so. CLUEMANATIIIIII"

DJ Clue

Power 105.1FM New York, Desert Storm

"KueIt is the perfect program to run all your drops and jingles without having to hook up an external unit. It's user friendly and has all the features you really need as well as constant upgrades adding more features in the future. A must have for any DJ!"

DJ Riz

Crooklyn Clan, Offical DJ of the NFL

"KueIt changed the game! The way I do radio, mixtapes, clubs, and T.I.'s shows has now been revolutionized by KueIt! I used to have to carry around a bulky machine and now I can get everything done with my laptop and the KueIt program!"

DJ Drama

T.I.'s Official DJ

"KueIt is a program that I use to perform at my live show. It replaced my bulky hard drive machine and made my life on the road much easier. I use it as a performance tool, but DJs can use it to rock all their drops and sounds on the radio or in the club. This product is revolutionizing the game."

Fatman Scoop

Legendary two-time Grammy Award Winner

"KueIt makes my life (DJing on the radio) easier, and it's extremely user friendly. After using it for only a few minutes, I felt comfortable enough to take it to the radio and get busy with it live on the air."

DJ Nasty

Grammy Award Winning Producer, We The Best Management, Nasty Beatmakers, 102 Jamz Orlando

"I use KueIt at my live performances. It's perfect because I no longer have to carry my $3000 sampler all over the world to do my gigs. All artists really need to look in to this. It's perfect."

Big Ali

The Official MC of DJ Bob Sinclar, Mr. Rock This Party aka The Trans Atlantic Champion

"If you stay on the road constantly and you use the 360', well you won't need it any longer. This software is called KueIt, and it's Mac & PC compatible. You need to purchase this. Be the leader that you are and make this the #1 product for the DJ."

DJ Scrap Dirty

WRBJ/Sirius 6040, Violator ALLStar DJ's-Founder

"KueIt allows DJs to step their game up. It's perfect for running all your drops & sounds on the radio and in the club. Don't be one of the last people on it. DJ Pharris told you so! Go cop that KueIt today. You need that!!"

DJ Pharris

Heavy Hitters, Pepsi DJs, Power 92 Chicago IL

"Kueit Pro is THAT $#@%! This program is a great add on to a DJ's ever-growing repetoire.....Kueit will help any talented Dj accentuate his mixes to the "next level". It is a cliche, but it is true......if you have the creativity, Kueit will help you make that magic happen!"


World Famous Beat Junkies, Visionaries, Beat Fanatic Music Group

"KueIt is definitely a hot program. Any DJs out there that want to get their drop game correct, or even if they're a DJ for a rapper or singer, this is definitely a hot program to use!"

DJ Mister Cee

Hot 97 New York, Associate Executive producer for the Biggie Smalls LPs, Big Daddy Kane's DJ

"KueIt took my drops and sweepers to another level for me on my mixshow at Latino 96.3 FM in LA and at the clubs. I'm able to do things quicker and smoother."

DJ Eddie One

Heavy Hitters, Latino 96.3 FM, Sirius Radio

"Kueit is HOT! I use it, and you should too! This really helps to add the final touch to your mix."

Deejay OB-one

98.5 KLUC / S.K.A.M. / 119 Cru, Lo$t Wage$ (Las Vegas)

"Wow! This changes the game. KueIt will take your DJ sets to that next level. I know next time you see me play it's gonna be trouble. You better hop to it with KueIt."

DJ J Rocc aka the Funky President

The World Famous Beat Junkies Crew, The Fantastik 4our Crew, Stones Throw Records

"I got up on this KueIt thing, and I love it! Me and my crew are heavy wit' it. We're in the clubs wit' it. We're on the radio wit' it. One touch of a button and you're on. Get up on it."

DJ Craig G

93.7 FM Hartford CT. Heavy Hitters, Top Floor Ent.

"It's like having an Instant Replay on your laptop with out a carrying case and cords. Very easy to work and customize your hot keys. It's a must for every DJ and on air personality!!!"

Eric V of the Bakaboyz

Nationally Syndicated on over 90 Radio Stations Nationwide!

"KueIt est le meilleur outil pour les dj qui voyagent beaucoup. Les possibilitées sont sans fin. (KueIt is the best tool for DJ's who travel a lot. The possibilities are endless.)"

DJ Cut Killer

Skyrock Radio . Paris France / Big Dawg Pitbull / CEO of Double H Productions

"KueIt is definitely the truth... for all DJs who like using samples in their mixshows, drops, bombs, horns and all types of effects. You need to learn it, KueIt... It's definitely official and I'm co-signing it to the end."

DJ Pro Style

BET 106 & Park, Power 95.3FM Orlando FL, Heavy Hitters


Replace large bulky machines with cost-effective DJ sound effects software


Play all your drops, jingles, and sound effects, on our audio instant replay software while running other DJ programs on the same computer

Live Events

Performers arm yourself with an arsenal of audio files at your fingertips. instantly select tracks from our DJ sound effects software with no delay


Have every sound you need, ready to go with a moment's notice with our real-time audio playback software downloaded on your laptop. Instantly trigger the appropriate sound for the big play

The go-to soundboard and sampler for DJs and live performers!!!

Simple powerful interface, load audio from your device. KueIt 3 gives you the flexibility you need. Load up to 310 audio tracks per profile and customize your layout. Trigger your drops, jingles, sound effects and songs instantly with the touch of your fingertips.

Latest Updates

Fade Out Mode

You can select Stop All or Fade All mode. You can also select the Global Fade Out Time duration in seconds.

DJ Controllers & Mixers

KueIt 3 DJ sound effects software supports multi-channel audio devices. Select the controller/mixer/other audio device in KueIt as well as the output channel to enjoy the DJ controller software feature

Improved MIDI support

KueIt can read from as many MIDI devices as you have plugged into your computer. Unplug and plug devices with no interruption and no need to re-launch KueIt. The DJ controller software now supports 7-bit and 14-bit MIDI controllers

Blazing Fast Waveform

KueIt 3 audio instant replay software uses an improved audio engine that renders the complete waveform in a fraction of a second. Set start and end points of your audio tracks with ease

Import System

All audio tracks on the DJ sound effects software are directly imported into the system. Moved or renamed audio files will no longer prevent your profile from loading

System Backups

Back up your entire KueIt profile so that you never lose any data. KueIt periodically reminds you to create a backup of your system (Reminders can be disabled in settings)

64 bit

Optimized for 64 bit systems

Resizeable Interface

Make KueIt as large or small as you want. Want to keep the DJ sound effects software small in the corner but still show all the controls? No problem, KueIt will adjust all the controls to fit in the window

The KueIt Features You Love

Instantly play up to 310 audio clips at the touch of your fingertips

It's as easy as a simple keyboard key press or the click of your mouse. Create and store your own library of music clips, sound effects, and jingles effortlessly with our DJ sound effects software

Create custom user profiles in minutes

Using KueIt's user-friendly interface, drag and drop audio files directly to the real-time audio playback software. Play one or more audio files simultaneously with zero delay

Non-destructive editing

Zoom in and out of a waveform to set start and end positions. Set up loops in your audio. Play a variety of different audio file types, including MP3, WAV, AIFF, WMA, MP2 and OGG files. Change file gains independently of one another, along with a master gain


Create playlists using multiple audio clips. Play the entire list at the touch of a single key

Find and play audio clips quickly and easily

Create a profile and assign audio clips to any of 38 different keys on your keyboard. Simply drag and drop your files into the DJ sound effects software to get started. An additional 7 banks of keys expands the number of files you can assign to over 300. In addition, choose from 6 extra stand-alone players outside of the banks, or create extra auto-play playlists. After setting up a profile, simply click the key associated with the audio file, play it instantly, and enjoy all the new audio instant replay software features

Assign MIDI

Virtually every KueIt function is MIDI assignable. Assign your choice of any key trigger, key volume, master volume, stop, and more on the DJ controller software

Customize your DJ sound effects software's display

Title and color the keys and groups on your display

KueIt was designed for the serious DJ, producer, or broadcaster that demands highest standards from their equipment

The easy yet reliable performance of KueIt's real-time audio playback software makes it perfect for radio, nightclubs, TV, live concerts, sporting events, school gymnasiums, and anywhere that quality music, jingles, or sound effects are needed. Don't compromise the outcome of your event or broadcast. Go with the system that works... KueIt

Runs on both Mac and Windows

KueIt runs seamlessly on either a macOS (Intel or Silicon Macs) or Windows laptop. Use the DJ sound effects software on Windows tablets to trigger audio by pressing on the screen

Available in five languages

KueIt has been translated to English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. The keyboard layout can be customized to QWERTY, AZERTY, and QWERTZ keyboards as well

KueIt has stood the test of time

See what others had to say about KueIt, from our earliest days

KueIt minimum system requirements

macOS Yosemite / El Capitan / Sierra / High Sierra / Mojave / Catalina / Big Sur / Monterey / Ventura / Sonoma (Intel & Silicon) Windows 8 (Full, not RT) / 8.1 / 10 / 11
4 GB of RAM8 GB of RAM
1 GB available hard disk space1 GB available hard disk space

30-day money-back guarantee!!! One year technical support included.