Save your playlist from other DJ software to a text file

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ListIt Features

Drag and drop to create playlists

Drag and drop audio files from Finder, Windows Explorer, or directly from other DJ programs to this tool

Save to a text file

Click the "Save As" button to save your playlist as a text document

Filter your playlist

Filter out certain keywords from your playlist. For example, you may not want the words CLEAN, DIRTY or INSTRUMENTAL in your playlist; by adding filters for these words, ListIt will delete those keywords from the list.

You can also use the filter tool to exclude songs with the certain keywords. For example: remove all songs with the keyword 'INSTRUMENTAL’ in the playlist. In most cases, you would need to list songs that you only used the beat as a talk bed. This feature automatically streamlines the playlist for you

Add a track number

ListIt gives you the option to number your playlist automatically

Exclude back to back duplicate songs

This feature comes in handy when you are importing songs from DJ software where you loaded the song on both decks when mixing

Display either artist or title first