Break the Internet on Social Media with JammText

May 19, 2016

Whether it’s Kim Kardashian breaking the internet with Instagram selfies, or Deadmau5 going on a Twitter rant against whoever it is that’s irritated him that day, it is proof that if used correctly, social media can be one of the most effective marketing tools at your disposal.

With JammText’s built in Twitter and Instagram features, DJs can take full advantage of all the possibilities. All you have to do is select a customizable hashtag for JammText to follow during an event. The display will show the hashtag directly on the screen, making it easy for everyone in the audience to get involved and be a part of the entertainment.

Jammtext screen at an event

JammText will find and display all posts during your event that use the selected hashtag. DJs or members of their team can moderate and filter posts manually or automatically to ensure that the messages going out on the video screens are appropriate for the event. (more…)

Get Your Club and Your Events On Everybody’s Radar with JammText

May 10, 2016

JammText is a cutting-edge marketing tool, not just for DJs, but for the venues and events these DJs perform at. Integrating social media platforms and SMS/MMS texting technology with live venue engagement provides the perfect platform to promote yourself, your venue and sponsors.

Girl texting to JammText screen

You can offer the club you’re spinning at more advertising avenues, with their ads and logos included in the JammText display. Since JammText has social media platforms Twitter and Instagram built into it, clubs also get the added benefit of increased social media exposure to a worldwide audience. Finally, with SMS/MMS text messaging, clubs get a direct line to their patrons. (more…)

Use JammText to Make the Leap into Video

May 4, 2016

As the DJ community has grown and become more competitive, many DJs have turned to video DJing as a way to stand out from the crowd. VJing gives the audience something to engage their eyes as well as their ears, allowing DJs a better chance to create a vibe.

But as with any new idea, there are challenges making the transition from old school DJing to video DJing that haven’t been solved. Until JammText.

The main problem facing a new VJ is what do you play if you don’t have a video for a song? Until now the options were limited to logos or visualizations that look straight out of a Windows 95 screensaver. Neither of these is optimal for building and maintaining a vibe.

JammText solves this problem by giving VJs a way to bridge the gap between videos with dynamic content generated by the audience, guaranteeing that the video screens meant to engage the audience are doing exactly that: entertaining the crowd and allowing the VJ to build their brand throughout the night. No more boring logos or visualizations. With JammText, the screen is always interesting whether you play an mp3 or mp4. (more…)

JammText interactive software

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JammText interactive software

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About Mixcity Inc

Mixcity Inc was founded in 2008 with the mission of creating innovative software solutions and engagement tools for the working DJ. The team's first DJ product, KueIt, was groundbreaking when it was introduced years ago, and still remains an industry standard software solution to this day. Mixcity's latest innovation, JammText, is a revolutionary text to screen software solution that allows DJs to reach exciting new levels of crowd interaction and audience engagement.