A Club DJ’s Guide to Spinning at Weddings

July 27, 2016

DJing Weddings

“I don’t do weddings.” Those four words are often muttered by club DJs who are convinced that the wedding DJ life is not for them. The boring traditions, long winded speeches, and horrible music requests often make for a challenging and excruciatingly long gig, but the lucrative pay can more than make up for all of the headaches. If you’re currently a “club only” kind of DJ hesitant about jumping into the wedding sector, don’t be. Even though some wedding traditions will never change, the sun is beginning to set on the cheesy, lame wedding DJs of the past. More and more couples are specifically looking for DJs that do the OPPOSITE of what traditional wedding DJs do. They want someone that can rock their party without all of the cringeworthy cheese and horrible music that has been dominating the wedding scene for the last 20 years. The time is perfect for skillful club DJs to jump in and snatch a piece of the wedding industry pie (or in this case, cake!)

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that DJing weddings is as easy as rolling up to the club 15 minutes early, plugging in, and playing Top 40 and EDM all night. Wedding gigs require a lot more planning, versatility, and awareness. But if you can rock a club, you can definitely rock a wedding! Just keep these key areas in mind as you dip your toe into the wedding world. (more…)

Using Text To Screen Software to Improve Your Video DJ Sets

July 19, 2016

JammText Text To Screen Software on Media Wall at Club

When done correctly, video DJing can be amazingly dope! Whether it’s at a high-energy nightclub or at an elegant wedding, when you throw visuals into the mix, it just takes things to an entirely new level. However, video DJing also comes with its fair share of challenges: obtaining the latest videos, finding non-corny ambient graphics, and keeping the crowd engaged and dancing instead of sitting and staring at the screens.

Fortunately, our text to screen software, JammText, can help you overcome challenges like these so that you can absolutely murder your video DJ sets. As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to build your fanbase and build your DJ brand! (more…)

Finding DJ Gigs in Unusual Places

July 14, 2016

DJing a Gigi in A Retail Environment

There’s no doubt that being a DJ is a great gig. We get paid to express ourselves through music and make parties happen night after night. However, maintaining a steady stream of bookings and paychecks is a constant grind that requires continuous effort. The supply and demand ratio for club DJs has been in the clubs’ favor for quite some time now, making it increasingly difficult to survive on club work alone. Sure, spinning at weddings and privates events is a great way to supplement your DJ income, but that still leaves plenty of holes during the week that need to be filled with profitable gigs. The good news is, there are plenty of businesses and clients that could benefit from your unique set of skills as a DJ. Although they may not always be the most glamorous gigs, these unlikely places can help fill your schedule…..and your wallet. (more…)

Using JammText Text To Screen Software to Build Your DJ Brand

July 6, 2016

DJ in Front of Screen with Crowd

When it comes to the DJ industry, there is no doubt that things have greatly changed over the last decade. Technology and innovation have lowered the barriers of entry to the DJ game, and as a result, the scene has become flooded with new DJs hungry for gigs. So, what separates the successful, working DJ from the struggling, unbooked DJ? Quite often, it’s proper branding. No longer is DJ success solely attributed to having the right records and skill-set. In today’s environment, you must present yourself in a way to create DEMAND for your PRODUCT. Luckily, there are a number of tools available to assist you in building your DJ brand. Text to screen software like JammText can help you build your relationships with fans, venues, private event clients. All while building and positively reinforcing you DJ brand. (more…)

Sleep Hacking Tips For DJs

July 1, 2016

As DJs, we live very interesting lives. Night after night, we’re responsible for making parties happen and showing people a great time. We play music, showcase our talents, have a few cocktails, mingle with interesting folks, and actually get paid for it! It sounds like the perfect life and career, right? It pretty much is, but it definitely has its fair share of challenges. Whether you’re a full time DJ, or splitting your time between a day job and evening gigs, lack of sleep is one of the biggest obstacles that you will face. Here are a few tips on how you can make up for the sleep deficit created by your busy DJ career. (more…)

JammText interactive software

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JammText interactive software

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