Staying Cool During Summer Gigs

May 31, 2018


Ah, summer. It’s the time of the year many of us look forward to. Sunny skies, longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures mean more people are outside at events like pool parties, rooftop club nights and beautiful outdoor weddings. It’s a DJ’s dream; in addition to the regular gigs, more outdoor opportunities present themselves for the taking, resulting in more money and exposure. While summer can be a lucrative time for DJs, the soaring temperatures can make staying cool while working a bit of a challenge. (more…)

Which Audio Files Should DJs use?

May 17, 2018

earphones with waveform

DJs have an ear, figuratively speaking, that’s different from most listeners. They hear nuances in songs and mixes that most people don’t. Much of that can be attributed to each person’s affinity for music and DJing. However, it could also be because of the type of digital audio files they use. There have been more than a few debates about this topic, and the deliberation has been highly subjective. To determine which audio files are best for DJs, you must consider several different factors. (more…)

JammText interactive software

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JammText interactive software

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