Using Social Media as a DJ Promotional Tool

May 23, 2017

The pool of great DJs isn’t showing any signs of shrinking anytime soon. If anything, more and more people are seeking opportunities to gain access to the industry, which in turn makes it harder for everyone to find their audience and capture the attention of potential clients. Luckily, we live in the age of social media. It offers quick and easy ways to communicate with others and to also spread information. (more…)

Set It Off! Know the Role of the Opening DJ

May 18, 2017

Every DJ worth his salt knows how difficult it is being the opening or warm-up DJ. It takes a great deal of humility and determination to play to an empty dancefloor or venue, knowing that everyone is here to see or hear other performers. As tempting as it may be to flex your mixing muscles and go ham with the music, being hired as the opening DJ requires a mindset of respect and decorum. And regardless of how it feels or what others may say, being the opening DJ is a really important job. (more…)

Beyond The Decks: Why You Should Be Using Podcasts and YouTube as a DJ

May 16, 2017

The struggle to be an individual is a very real one when everyone appears to be a clone of someone else. DJs have a notably tough task in front of them because of the nature of the job itself. This is unfortunate because many of the most successful DJs have been able to procure a strong following by combining their skills and their personalities. Highlighting your skills is easy if you know what you’re doing on the decks, but personality doesn’t always shine as brightly in this arena. Using podcasts and YouTube as a DJ can not only make it easier to exhibit your talent; it can offer a more personal look into who you are. (more…)

Prepare for Potential Client Concerns Ahead of Time

May 10, 2017

People who hire DJs expect a certain level of entertainment and value for the money they spend for events. Naturally, that may come with a host of questions that you could be asked, simply for their peace of mind. The title “DJ” runs a wide gamut, from those who actually know how to keep a party going for hours, to people who simply play songs with headphones on. Event clients want the former, not the latter. As such, it will be important for you to prepare for potential client concerns ahead of time, to save headaches down the road for all parties involved. (more…)

Maximizing Your Client Consultations

May 2, 2017

DJing is perhaps one of the most unpredictable jobs in the marketplace. For many, the element of surprise is what makes the career so appealing. Every event is different and will require different planning. Things get especially interesting if you’re a DJ who can operate in various arenas: clubs, weddings, etc. These events are sometimes worlds apart on the scale of demands, and that can increase the risk of surprise turning quickly into despair if you aren’t prepared. (more…)

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JammText interactive software

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