Staying Cool During Summer Gigs

May 31, 2018


Ah, summer. It’s the time of the year many of us look forward to. Sunny skies, longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures mean more people are outside at events like pool parties, rooftop club nights and beautiful outdoor weddings. It’s a DJ’s dream; in addition to the regular gigs, more outdoor opportunities present themselves for the taking, resulting in more money and exposure. While summer can be a lucrative time for DJs, the soaring temperatures can make staying cool while working a bit of a challenge. If you’re heating up quicker than the tracks you’re playing, you might need to switch a few things while enduring the hottest days of the year. Here are some easy tips for staying cool during summer gigs.

Clothing for the Conditions

Let’s begin with the basics. No matter what gig you’ll be DJing (save for a nudist colony), there’s bound to be clothing required. There might even be a designated dress code, depending on the formality of the event. In extremely warm weather, the types of clothing you wear can mean the difference between sweating all night or being comfortably cool. Going sleeveless with shorts might sound ideal, but if you’re DJing a wedding, you’ll need to look a bit more presentable. Your contentment won’t rest on style as much as it will fabrics.

Cotton is always a safe choice. It’s a natural fabric with fibers that allow air to move through it easily. That means it will be cool and comfortable, even in hot, sticky weather. A plethora of items, both dressy and casual, are made from cotton, so you’ll be able to find whatever you need made of this fabric. Linen, another natural fabric, is also a favorite in hot weather. It is one of the oldest fabrics, and it has a light weave with a thread count even lower than cotton. Because of that, linen is even more breathable than cotton!

The fibers in linen are so good at absorption, you won’t spend your whole gig worrying about pit stains and melting away in the heat. You could also try garments made from rayon. Unlike the other two, rayon is a man-made fabric. So while it won’t be as good at moisture wicking, it does boast other benefits. Rayon is even thinner than cotton, so the items you find made from it will tend to be extremely lightweight and comfortable, the perfect combination for a steamy day of DJing.

Equipment and Efficiency

You’ve got the wardrobe selected, and you’re ready to go. But what about the elements, the stuff you can’t control? Even our carefully chosen clothing may not be a match for the sweltering climate and conditions. In this case, forward thinking will be your best bet. Upon learning that you’ll be DJing outside, ask pertinent questions about the area and equipment during your consultation with the client. Be respectful, but direct. Ask things like, “Will I be under a tent or shelter?” If you will have access to shelter, ask to see it. If possible, visit the venue around a similar time of the gig on a different day to see where the sun will be in the sky. This is key, because DJing in a spot where the sun is shining directly in your face versus at your back could mean feeling even warmer than it actually is.

You should consider bringing your own pieces of weatherproof equipment. Many places sell or rent items like portable tents specially designed for gigs like beach parties or outdoor weddings. Ask your client if they approve of the usage of something like that, and be prepared to show them photos to ensure the item’s appropriateness. Consider bringing a compact fan or two that can be plugged in and stationed in an inconspicuous area. Fans on a table or at your feet positioned at your body can do a phenomenal job keeping you cool while working. Again, as with everything else, you’ll want to get it all approved beforehand. These items are often lifelines for DJs gigging in the summer months.

Ice, Ice Baby

Perhaps one of the most common sense nuggets of advice would be to stay hydrated. We can do a lot to help our bodies stay cool, but nothing beats good ol’ biology. Your body is better able to regulate its own temperature when it is hydrated. For this reason, drinking plenty of water is essential. Come prepared for the weather with water bottles on hand. Freezing a few will ensure that even as the heat builds, you’ll have cold H2O when your ice melts. Be sure to take sips regularly as you can (but do so away from the equipment). Try to stay away from excessive caffeine, as it can be a mild diuretic and work counterproductively to your attempts at hydration.

Some DJs use ice packs designed to be worn on your person to keep cool while they work. There are companies who create materials that are moisture-wicking and maintain a cool-to-the-touch feeling for several hours at a time. Research “cool ties”, “cool neck wraps” and “cooling gear” to find a few retailers that sell them. Many of these items can be worn hidden under your clothing to lower your body temperature in extreme conditions.

Summer is a time when people are statistically more active and willing to go to outdoor events. The pretty glow of sun rays drenching a scenic venue makes brides swoon for wedding dates during the popular season. All of these reasons make DJs highly sought after in June, July and August. Staying cool while DJing any event in warm weather doesn’t have to be a chore. Think ahead, wear the right fabrics and come armed with helpful equipment to beat the heat and get the job done well.

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