Benefits of DJing That Actually Pay More Than Money

March 7, 2017

What is a DJ’s biggest aspiration? Some may say fame and worldwide notoriety; others may say the ultimate goal is to get top billing at the most well-known establishments. Probably most would mention wealth and financial stability as a primary goal. Money is a huge motivator, and those that work hard at their craft can see a lot of it. Ironically, though, there are some unspoken benefits of DJing that pay more than money, and most of those come more easily through unpaid opportunities.

Brand Awareness

Working without pay is never an exciting goal for independent entrepreneurs, especially DJs. However, there are some opportunities that will present benefits greater than financial stipends. Partnering with nonprofit organizations for events can be great opportunity to expand your brand to people and audiences that look to make an impact within communities. As the DJ who provides the musical backdrop for an awareness marathon or charity event, you inevitably align your brand with companies and individuals who are change agents that bring meaning and purpose to society. That amount of weighty publicity will take you farther than any paycheck will. Socio-professional accolades, especially in a positive or favorable light, will open up a different world for your business.

Networking Opportunities

Connecting with other professionals who are making an impact not only helps expand your brand, but it also allows you to expand your network beyond your regular DJing circle. If you get an opportunity to be a part of a charity fundraiser—better yet, to host your own—take advantage! These events usually involve movers and shakers beyond your own circle of influence. Your involvement, along with the main purpose of impacting a greater cause, has the added benefit of having you cross paths with other entertainers and businessmen who might not know about the amazing services and skills you offer. In turn, you may be able to tap into other industries and events that could use your services at private or corporate events. The possibilities are limitless, but they may only come if you choose to look beyond dollar signs as your primary motivator.

Giving Back

Perhaps the greatest gift you could give yourself is the knowledge that you gave to others who may not be able to reciprocate or pay you back. Philanthropy is its own reward, especially if you provide a community service for an underserved population. DJing a gig for a local youth facility or school may not mean much for you initially, but it will mean so much to the kids you serve, and that will have a huge internal impact on them—and you. Reach out to elderly facilities to see if you can bring some music to them one afternoon. Or, seek out local volunteer operations to find out how you can give back; they would love to have you be a part of their upcoming activities and events. They will love hearing the music you play, and you will love the fact that you gave back a slice of all that you’ve been given with your DJing business.
Getting paid is never a bad thing. It’s just not everything. Take some time to look at the benefits of DJing opportunities beyond a paycheck, and you will undoubtedly find yourself happier and wealthier in more ways than one.

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JammText interactive software

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