Beyond the Music: How to Be a Good Master of Ceremony

January 24, 2017


With such a focus on music, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are more essential ingredients for a successful event recipe. Being the master of ceremony is especially important, as you are the person who determines the energy for the evening. Once that microphone has been given to you, the power (and responsibility) is literally in your hands. So what do you do, knowing that the success of an occasion starts and ends with you? Begin with these foundational tips.

Read the Crowd

Perhaps the most important skill to hone as master of ceremony is reading the crowd. We’ve all heard that phrase several times over, but what does it mean as it relates to you in this role? It means taking the proverbial temperature of the room. The master of ceremony is typically displayed somewhere in a position of prominence, so you’ll have a view of the entire space. With ample multitasking skills under your belt, you’ll be able to carry out your duties while simultaneously noticing if there is a lull in the energy or when best to call attention to a matter of importance. The master of ceremony has possibly the greatest influence of all in an event, and it’s up to you to use it effectively.

Be Wisely Witty

You got the job! You are master of ceremony, and your intention is to “wow” your crowd. Using humor as a tool of engagement is almost expected at some events; when done well, it is sure to be a winner with your audience. Loosen up and be humorously flattering. Get to know the star of the day, whether that be the bride or a company CEO. Learn the cute family anecdotes or nicknames with stories behind them. Find out the inside jokes that only the invited guests can relate to. Throwing in these kinds of personal touches can make the night an unforgettable one for everyone.


The surest way to triumph as an MC is by having a thorough conversation with your client. Preparedness is incomplete if you haven’t scheduled a time to comb through all that will be expected of you at the event. In the consultation, you should make it your utmost priority to know your client’s goal for his event. Does he want a jovial occasion with lots of lighthearted banter and laughing? Is it a formal black tie gala with a more conservative vibe? Knowing is more than half the battle, and you should take full advantage of the wealth of knowledge presented by your client. If you are emceeing a charitable benefit, perhaps the goal is to get people to reach deep into their pockets and donate to the cause. You’ll need to equip yourself with the crucial tools to facilitate that. Different events will necessitate varying tones. Civil and sweet will call for vastly different methods than that of racy and animated. Crossing the line with inappropriate jokes or comments could cost you future gigs.

These are just a few of the ways you can control your crowd, event and atmosphere beyond just your music selection. As a DJ you will add value to your services by ensuring a pleasant and suitable personality will be interwoven into your music playlists.

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JammText interactive software

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