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October 25, 2018

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Wedding DJ services have been in steady demand for decades. They’re the lifeline of the wedding reception. And, they’re one of the key sources of celebration memories for a couple’s special day. Providing musical entertainment is a core service to offer, but you can expand your business by offering other necessary services that won’t take up too much more of your time or money. Consider these suggestions as you look for ways to enhance or expand your wedding DJ services.

Offer a Spotify or Apple playlist of your set

Weddings ceremonies cement one of the most important days in a couple’s life. The reception will forever be the afterparty to remember. So make your playlist something they can revisit time and time again by creating Apple or Spotify playlists for them.

Some wedding DJs may cringe at this idea because digital streaming services are already taking the place of hiring DJs for special events. While that may be true, wedding playlists, generally speaking, are universal. There are certain go-to songs that are heard in virtually every reception. Plus, you can always forego putting any “special weapon” songs from your library on the list. Add to the playlist any special songs requested by the couple, and you’ve got an inexpensive but memorable service to give to the couple on behalf of your company.

It might be a good idea to not even mention this service to your couple if you choose to offer it. That way, it’s seen as a thoughtful bonus at the end of the night. Additionally, you would alleviate the notion that a playlist can take the place of your services (which, regardless, it can’t).

Partner with visual professionals

So you got the job as a couple’s wedding DJ. You’ve practically proven you can handle the audio portion of their special day. Why not take more off their plate by partnering with video, drone or photography professionals to cover the visual memories of the day?

As with most any other service or product, a bundle or package always seems like a better deal. Make a point to get the contacts of professional photographers or videographers as you do various gigs. Check out their work online, and see if they offer something you could cross-promote with your services. This could be a great way to network with other quality vendors and perhaps work out a finder’s fee of some sort. Extra money is always good money!

Provide a photo portal for clients with Jammtext

It’s no secret that JammText adds a creative and interactive element to special events. As the wedding DJ, you could help capture all of the special reception moments with your JammText software.

JammText houses a gallery function that collects all of the photos and media imported into the program. This is a rich source of memories for the newlyweds’ special day. You’ll be able to hand the couple a nice collection of photos taken at the event by the people they love. You could either provide this as a surprise gift or as an added service surcharge. Either way, JammText will help you be the wedding DJ with a little something extra over your competition.

These are just a few ideas to elevate or expand your wedding DJ service. If you provide some extra services that clients have found useful, we’d love to hear them in the comments!

JammText interactive software

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JammText interactive software

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