Statements You Need In Your DJ Contract

November 25, 2016

Signing a Contract

Back in the day, your word was your bond; if it was said, it was as good as done. Today, if something isn’t said, it doesn’t apply and has no legal bearing, especially when it comes to paying for services. Hopefully, you’re not offering your services without a legally binding contract or written agreement in place. If you’re not, there’s no better time than the present to consider the most important aspects of your written contract agreements. Specificity is key to ensuring both you and your client are satisfied with mutually agreed-upon services and terms.

Your Fees

If you haven’t considered how much your skills are worth to potential clients, you should really do a personal and professional assessment, for your own protection. What are you protecting? Your time, your energy, your equipment and music investment and your sanity all need to be protected. You initiate that protection by setting fees for your services. Consider the value of the long hours you invest during the week to create the perfect event. Think about the financial investment you made in DJ controllers, mixers, PA systems, lights, CDJs or turntables – and then consider how much it would cost if something accidentally happened to them while rendering your services. Clients most likely won’t worry about these things, so it is important that you safeguard your business when considering how much you charge for events.

Event Duration

People like to party until, well, they’re absolutely done. While that may be a great thing, and while you may have just as much fun behind the decks, your time is money (see above paragraph). It is important to specify what time your contract will start, and what time your contract will end. Spelling this out will ensure that you don’t put yourself in a position to be taken advantage of. If the party is still going strong at 11:00 pm when your contract ends, but people still want to hear music, things could get ugly. Provide a stipulation that considers extra time outside of the contracted time, and apply your fees accordingly. Again, this will either protect your valuable time, or it will ensure that your clients consider booking you longer or paying the extra time fees (which will protect you financially).

Terms and Conditions

Along with set fees and service hours, there are other terms to consider when creating an agreement with a potential client. Here are some conditions you should keep in mind:

  • Accidents. Spell out who is responsible for any accidents caused by the client or the client’s guests. This should include physical injuries as well as damage to equipment.
  • Incidents. Explain what will happen in the event that an emergency arises with you or your team. Everyone understands that things happen; nevertheless, the client is paying for and expecting entertainment. Have a plan ready for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Working Conditions. Stipulate the environment you need to do your job well, and make sure that all you need is provided for you. Is the event outside? Will there be a tent in case of rain? It is your job to ensure that your client has provisions in place for you, and having this in the contract will do that.
  • Legal/Financial Disagreements. In an ideal world, everyone would hold up to their ends of agreements. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen all the time. In such instances, it will be vital to have clauses that explain what will happen legally if your client breaches the agreement in any way.

Your contract – and the clauses in it – may be the only legal document supporting your claims or issue regarding rendered services. If stipulations are specified in your contract and signed off, they are binding in a court of law. Do the work to make sure your written agreements preserve the hard work that you’ve put in to make your business a success.

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JammText interactive software

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