Should You Consider Hiring a Manager for your DJ Business?

April 4, 2017

If you’re new to the professional world of DJing, you’ve probably got a lot more on your priority list ranked higher than the business side of things. After all, elevating your skill level and perfecting the hottest mixes is major, right? All of that is true for the novice DJ, but if you’ve been around for awhile and you’re beginning to see gains in profit and clientele, there are additional aspects to your career that you need to consider. Here’s why hiring a manager for your DJ business might be in the cards for you.

Task Master

DJs have jobs that don’t often begin and end with the turntables or CDJs. A ton of preparation goes into making a gig successful, and it can be overwhelming, especially if DJing isn’t the only thing you do for income. Task after task can begin to pile up. While it may be feasible to do them yourself, it can certainly take the fun out of doing what you love if there’s no one there to assist. Many DJs find managers to be essential to their work because managers function as another set of eyes, ears and hands. Managers are available to do all the behind the scenes work that has to be taken care of in order for each gig to run smoothly. They allow you, the DJ, to focus on the creative and artistic side of things with the assurance that business will be handled properly.

Financial Negotiator

Perhaps one of the most valuable uses for a manager is the aid they bring to all things financial. Anyone who has ever negotiated a contract understands how sticky matters can get if not conducted well. Everyone has different strengths; being a DJ doesn’t always mean you have strong business savvy. You can be great at rocking a gig and still find it difficult to talk money or contractual matters with a client. A manager can go over the current contract you have or help you with tailoring one that may work better. Having someone to analyze your profits, the frequency with which you book events and prices you charge can help you maximize your money-making potential. It really comes down to working smarter and with a manager’s help, you can better take advantage of your time and skills to achieve the goals you set.

Executive Assistant

Preparing for an event involves a million tiny details that can be tedious for a single person. Employing the help of a manager can ease the burden of trying to remember everything. If you’re readying yourself to DJ a wedding, a manager can tie up loose ends and organize them in a way that works easily for you.

Your manager can remind you that you’ll need to remember the bride isn’t taking the groom’s last name when announcing the wedding party, or that the father-of-the-bride has a special surprise before his dance. (S)he will be able to phone the coordinator to make sure the right size table is available for your decks and secure the right setup before you arrive. Utilizing a manager means not having to beg your client for payment because those details have been arranged prior to the event. Scheduling conflicts and mishaps like double-booking or agreeing to events outside of a comfortable traveling radius are a thing of the past when you have a manager working by your side. Taking the time to go over your personal and business calendar with a manager will prevent over-committing to gigs or not having the equipment and supplies needed to DJ successfully.

Networking Partner

A huge benefit to hiring a manager can be expanding your brand and extending your reach in the DJ world. If you find yourself wishing you could make more of a name for yourself and book more gigs, acquiring management might be the solution. The right manager can help you devise a business plan to beef up your social media and publicity along with researching the relevant channels to go through in order to secure more events. Your manager can arrange to have photos and video clips taken at events to be used for your website and other media accounts to draw interest.

All in all, managers can be worth their weight in gold for the right DJs. Every career is different and requires various types of assistance. If you think you’ve arrived at a place where you need the assistance of a manager to take you to the next level, consider the pros and cons and make the leap.

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JammText interactive software

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