Handy Energy Tips for Busy DJs

March 13, 2017

DJing can be one of the most challenging jobs out there. The hours are not always steady, and conditions can be unpredictable. One thing is for sure: each and every gig requires that you give it your all, and that can take a lot out of anyone! So with all that you must juggle as a DJ, how do you ensure that you have the energy level necessary to be at the top of your game? Here are some handy energy tips for busy DJs that are guaranteed to boost activity levels when you need it most.

Energizing Drinks: Liquid Life

Every DJ has probably relied on an energy drink to make it through a gig at some point or another. Late night gigs can be especially tough with clubs often not closing until the wee hours of the morning. Even if you’re used to staying up late, the added element of spinning tunes comes with a significant more amount of work and physical activity. There will inevitably be times when you’ll need a little pick-me-up to keep the ol’ music machine (a.k.a. your body) running.

For quick spurts of energy, common energy drinks are bountiful and extremely easy to find in stores. These will usually give you a burst of energy and fast! There is also the old fashioned coffee drink. Whether home brewed or purchased in a fancy boutique cafe, an espresso-laden drink will have similar effects. Both of these options contain caffeine, a stimulant that, when used safely and in moderation, has the ability to give you that wide awake feeling.

For those seeking an energy surge with a healthier spin, never fret; there’s something for you, too! The super drink known as matcha tea is gaining popularity these days, and for good reason. Matcha tea is a type of green tea with what seems like exponentially more benefits than other green tea, partially because you consume the entire leaf instead of straining the leaves like you do with other teas. Matcha is packed with antioxidants; just one cup contains more caffeine than your average cup of coffee. Why is this great news for you? Because the process of harvesting the leaves allows the tea to create a calmness in drinkers without the dreaded drowsiness you might get after the “high” from coffee or energy drinks. There are also several organic green juices filled with energy-giving veggies many swear by. Pick a drink that sounds good to you and drink it before or during your gig to keep moving all night. The options are abundant!

Hydrate With Water

When preparing for anything important, you must be wise with your health. Olympians don’t start workouts without stretching, do they? The rules here are the same as a doctor would advise. Staying hydrated and getting ample sleep will always aid in your quest to give your guests the best night ever while you’re on the decks. Water is essential for so many reasons. It keeps our organs healthy and our skin supple, but most aren’t aware that it also keeps your energy levels optimal.

Your body struggles to do normal tasks and performs them slower when it is dehydrated. That sluggish, slow motion feeling you get for no reason at times? Ask yourself if you’ve consumed enough water. Every DJ should be drinking several cups a day, and it’s always smart to carry a water bottle with you when heading out to an event. Studies have even shown that your reflexes and thought processing both operate more quickly when you’re properly hydrated. That means you can head to a gig with confidence that you’ll hit every cue and remember key mixes the crowd will go crazy for!

Sleep Is Mandatory

Sleeping is something we could never leave out. Keeping odd hours can present a challenge for getting your standard eight hours of sleep each night. Consider planning rest around your gig schedule. If you have an event that will start late and keep you going ‘til early morning, think about altering your sleeping schedule so that you sleep eight hours the day before. You’ll go into the gig feeling much more prepared without the need for an energy drink fix.

Not everyone is able to change their sleeping patterns on the fly. Perhaps you’re a DJ with a 9-to-5 during the day. If at all possible, allot time for a nap before your events. Dark and cool quiet rooms with slight white noise are always best for sleeping. Power naps can make a world of difference in energy level.

Nutrition Meals are Mandatory

Finally, every healthy body needs fuel. Without calories, you have no energy. It’s easy to get so busy perfecting your skills and arranging and packing equipment that you skip a meal, but this is a huge no-no when the goal is to maintain that drive! DJing at your best will require eating well. If at all possible, try to get in three square meals with healthy snacks in between. And get your calories from ample fruits and vegetables—not quick junk from fast food restaurants on the way to your gig. Your body will thank you for it, both in the long run and in the moment when you need it most. Another pro tip: pack energy/protein bars. They’re easy to consume while on the go, but they’re also discrete enough to take quick bites while at an event. Treat your body right, and it’ll return the favor.

Nobody said DJing was easy, but that’s why you’re so good at it. You like the challenge, and you dedicate yourself to perfecting and increasing your skill set. Don’t let low energy be a drag. Use these tips to keep yourself awake and recharged, and your clients will thank you with praise and repeat requests for your services.

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