Why You Should Incorporate Regional Music Outside of Your Home Base

January 18, 2017

As far as your music collection goes, you probably have several genres together for your DJ sets: your personal favorite genres and songs, current radio or club tracks, and classic songs for various occasions. It would go without saying that you know what songs and mixes are crowd favorites within your living or travel radius. But what about the vast amount of music outside of your region? There’s such a broad array of cultural influence within music from around the world; incorporating it into your music library will enhance your DJ business with several personal and professional advantages.

Be A Hometown Favorite – Everywhere!

As a DJ, you shouldn’t settle for being well-known only in your neck of the woods. Listening outside of your local area – and incorporating what you listen to in your sets – will help bring a varied appeal to your skillset. Adding “chopped and screwed” remixes to your show in Houston, shag music in North Carolina, grime tracks in your London set, or go-go music at your D.C. events will not only showcase your diversity, but it will also let you listeners know you’re attuned to what styles are important to those regions.

Create Unique Mashups and Remixes

There are so many places online to get ready-made mashups and remixes. The problem is, they’re available to any- and everyone who will pay for or download them. You can set yourself apart by incorporating songs and instrumentals that haven’t been overused and played to death. Imagine taking a current artist acapella and laying it over an obscure but well-known dancehall, Cuban or house rhythm. You’ll receive more than wide-eyed reactions from your crowd; you’ll create exclusive secret weapons that will only be connected to your brand.

Diversify Your Clientele

What would happen if a former client recommended you as a great DJ to his friends and associates, but the gig is for a traditional Indian wedding? Would you know what to play outside of Top 40 hits? Exploring different types of cultural music will help prepare you for an expanded audience and clientele. Your West Indian clients will love your performance, but you will undoubtedly gain more of their respect and admiration if you add a soca or Trinidadian set to your already amazing playlist. Simple touches will endear them to you because you took the time to include their music. Diversify your listening, and you will open up a new world of opportunities and customers.

Taking the time to look and listen to music outside of your own region will encourage growth and outreach, both for your own musical development and your professional influence. Every DJ should lift the ceilings and limits of their careers and potential clientele by broadening their music scope and infusing new cultural experiences into their playlists.

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JammText interactive software

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