Increasing Wedding Profits with JammText Text To Screen Software

June 15, 2016

If you’re stuck in that “just a DJ” stereotype, your wedding clients will view you as such and pay you accordingly (which is usually not well). On the other hand, if you’re able to offer them more than the “typical DJ” fanfare, and create additional value for them, you can command a higher fee.

The Search For the Latest Wedding Upsell

A few years ago, when uplighting started to gain momentum as a hot new wedding trend, DJs were able to substantially increase their bottom line by offering it to venues and clients. Now, supply has caught up with demand, and many venues are throwing in uplighting for free as an incentive for the couple to reserve the room. Some wedding clients even choose to go the DIY route and purchase the fixtures themselves. A friend of the groom sets them up the day of the wedding, and you’re left with one less upsell opportunity.

Now, wedding and event DJs are on the search for the next big upsell item to add value (and money) to their wedding bookings. Fortunately, innovative products like JammText can help fill that void.

Using Text to Screen Software At Weddings

JammText is a social media and text to screen software that works with your current DJ program. By pairing JammText with flatscreen TVs or projectors at the wedding, you can reach new levels of dynamic guest engagement. Family and friends can send well-wishes to the screens through text or by using custom social media hashtags set up for the event (ie #SmithersonWedding). With JammText at their wedding, the bride and groom can respond and interact with everyone in the room, without ever leaving the head table.

Screenshot of Wedding Text to Screen Software

Screenshot of text to screen software use at a wedding

JammText also allows you to easily assemble and share slideshows and pictures on behalf of the bride and groom throughout the evening. And as guests hit the dance floor later in the night, they can share fun, embarrassing, and heartfelt photos on the screens in real time. It only takes a couple of seconds for you to approve or deny the submitted content, right from your DJ program. The text, social media message, or picture is then sent to the screen and intelligently commingles with whatever music video or media is currently displayed.

By using JammText to provide your wedding clients with a unique and engaging wedding experience, you be perceived as much more than “just a DJ”. As a result, you can leverage this increase in perceived value to command higher booking fees for your wedding DJ services.

JammText interactive software

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JammText interactive software

Learn More Get JammText Today

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Mixcity Inc was founded in 2008 with the mission of creating innovative software solutions and engagement tools for the working DJ. The team's first DJ product, KueIt, was groundbreaking when it was introduced years ago, and still remains an industry standard software solution to this day. Mixcity's latest innovation, JammText, is a revolutionary text to screen software solution that allows DJs to reach exciting new levels of crowd interaction and audience engagement.