With JammText at Your Conference, It’s No Longer Business As Usual

January 11, 2017


Conferences can either be motivational and inspiring, or they can be full of blase professional buzzwords: synergies, teamwork, streamlining, forward-thinking, value added, and so on. To get the most out of your participants – and to incorporate more effective involvement – interaction will be key. JammText can be the key to ensuring everyone gets the most out of your organization’s next conference.

Direct Engagement and Communication

Ever wonder if your conference participants are really getting what your speakers are presenting to them? JammText can help solve that for you. Using JammText for your conference will allow your keynote presenters to take audience questions live during presentations. The software will provide real-time engagement with the information, allowing presentations to focus on participants’ understanding of concepts in the moment. With JammText, each speaker will be able to approach discussions from a more dynamic, customer-focused perspective.With all questions answered directly and in the moment, your conference will be praised for its client-centered approach.

Boost Your Social Media Engagement

JammText has incredible features that will make posting to social media outlets more centralized to the mission and purpose of your conference. The software strategically incorporates the most widely used communication tools – texting and social media applications – to maximize networking opportunities and engagement at heavily-populated events.

Hashtags can be great access points for conference participants and conference hosts. JammText  incorporates your particular hashtag and collects information from Twitter and Instagram users who use it to post comments and photos. This will be a great way to promote your event and client involvement. By turning off the manual filtering function, JammText will become an automatic feed for conference participants. Naturally, once they see their posts live on video screens, participants will increase posts and interaction with other visible users. The end result will be an exciting event with excited people attending and giving useful feedback about information being presented.

Increase Advertising Sponsorships

JammText will allow you to engage more with your advertisers, too. Print advertising has its place in announcing and marketing your event, but video marketing can be a completely different, very viable source of marketing income for your company. JammText can be set up to promote custom advertisements that will run as long as the event takes place. Hours of in-your-face marketing can be a precious resource for sponsors, and Jammtext can be the resource you use to make financing your conference much easier.

A conference simply won’t be a conference with JammText as your social interaction controller. If you want to take your professional event to the next level, use JammText as your real-time promotional tool and audience engagement source.

JammText interactive software

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JammText interactive software

Learn More Get JammText Today

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Mixcity Inc was founded in 2008 with the mission of creating innovative software solutions and engagement tools for the working DJ. The team's first DJ product, KueIt, was groundbreaking when it was introduced years ago, and still remains an industry standard software solution to this day. Mixcity's latest innovation, JammText, is a revolutionary text to screen software solution that allows DJs to reach exciting new levels of crowd interaction and audience engagement.