Packing and Protecting: DJ Equipment Storage and Safety Tips

November 15, 2017

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In the Uber, on the road, through the airport, above the clouds, in the trunk, at the club, on the table and all in reverse once the gig is done. Your poor equipment probably takes a bit of a beating throughout your various gigs. If this isn’t your life, chances are you want it to be. If and when that happens, you want to make sure you’re doing all you can to make sure the equipment you spend your hard-earned dollars on stays in excellent condition. Here’s some good advice for your DJ equipment storage and safety.

Liquids Aren’t Your Friend!

This is the first rule in any DJing 101 handbook (or it should be). Any type of liquid, whether it’s a water bottle to stay hydrated, alcohol held by someone at the party (or yourself), or even rain or drizzle going to and from your gig, can kill your equipment. Water and electronics do not mix in any way, shape or form. Do whatever you need to do to keep beverages and inclement weather conditions away from your equipment.

A slip of a water bottle or spray of beer from a careless person at the party can be the death of thousands of dollars spent on mixers, controllers, turntables or CD decks. In fact, any moisture, even humidity, that comes in contact with your gear can erode and severely damage circuitry in your equipment. Before your gigs, make sure that your setup is in a safety zone away from those elements. If you drink any type of beverages while DJing, make sure the container is behind you, or at least away from any potential accidents where it can spill into or onto your equipment. Make sure your controllers, mixers and any other equipment you use is set up higher than the audience, if possible, and with space between your setup and the crowd.

Use Dust Covers

As weird as it sounds, some of the things that can damage your equipment aren’t visible to to the human eye. One such element is dust. Dust can insulate the devices and cause them to overheat. Also, dust can attract moisture and cause more problems mentioned above. Regular cleaning with approved electronic tools will aid in preventing this from happening, but so will dust covers.

Many turntable decks come equipped with dust covers, but very few people use them outside of traveling with the turntables. Whenever your turntables are set up, it is a good idea to use the dust covers to keep unnecessary air particles from impacting equipment performance. If you you use a controller, you should consider using a Decksaver cover to protect virtually any other DJ equipment from dust, moisture and any impact from any overhead falling objects. You’re investing in your business, so it would be wise to invest in protecting it.

Consider Cases

Protecting your equipment in transit can be dodgy, especially if you’re checking equipment on airlines or stacking equipment in a vehicle. Jostling your gear and placing heavier items on top of it can damage (or even crush) smaller pieces of your setup. When you travel, it may be a good idea to invest in padded or reinforced carrying cases that will keep your equipment secure and stable during travel. There’s a plethora of options for each piece of your equipment that range from sturdy cases to backpacks with cushioned interiors for extra protection. Using protective cases is another easy safeguard from any unforeseen damage or accidents that can happen to your equipment. Plus, most have optional foam or padded compartments that can help keep other equipment protected, as well. If you are considering a protective case for your gear, it would be a good idea to make sure the case or bag you have your eye on is water and weather proof.

Protecting your equipment, whether on the road, set up at home or out in various venues, should be a top priority for you. If you or someone else is careless with or around your gear, the hard work you put into your business could be destroyed in a flash. Your equipment helps you do what you do well. Reciprocate the favor and consider the best means of physical protection for your investment.

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JammText interactive software

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