Prepare for Potential Client Concerns Ahead of Time

May 10, 2017

People who hire DJs expect a certain level of entertainment and value for the money they spend for events. Naturally, that may come with a host of questions that you could be asked, simply for their peace of mind. The title “DJ” runs a wide gamut, from those who actually know how to keep a party going for hours, to people who simply play songs with headphones on. Event clients want the former, not the latter. As such, it will be important for you to prepare for potential client concerns ahead of time, to save headaches down the road for all parties involved.

Update Your DJ Resume

One of the first things potential hiring clients will want to know is how experienced you are with your craft. Ease their fears by updating your resume, whether it’s digital or print. If you have a website or some type of online presence (and you should), make sure it’s cleaned up and current. Ensure that your content is visible and easy to find. If you have a printed resume for clients, be sure that it reflects all of the events you’ve done for other clients. This will let them know that you have the experience needed to handle their event.

Know Your Specialties

Another big question clients, especially wedding couples, want to know is what your specialties are. Now, it’s a given that DJs have to be versatile. But the truth is not all DJs have the experience for all events and occasions. DJing in the clubs is extremely different than being a wedding DJ, and being a wedding DJ is different from spinning at a corporate event. Know what you do well. If you prefer to only spin a certain genre, your clients will want to know that.

Give Them A Sample

Instead of asking potential clients to trust you blindly, why not show them what you’re made of? Put together some short mixes and post them on your website or music hosting site. If you want them to see you in action at one of your gigs, create a YouTube account and post snippets of events (but be sure to get permission from that event’s host). The proof will be in the pudding, and they will get a very clear perspective of what you can offer them for their event.

Have Financial Rates Firmly Set

Perhaps one of the last questions clients will ask will be about your rates. This can be a nail-biting question for them, but it shouldn’t be for you. Know your rates, and make sure your rates reflect your needs and industry standards. As with knowing your specialties, clients need to know up front if your rates are within their budget. If your prices make them cringe, it’s best to know that up front. You don’t want to waste their time, and you definitely don’t want them to waste yours.

There are just a few questions that may be asked during an initial consultation, but knowing the answers to these will set the conversation in a very positive direction. Stay prepared, and show your clients that you’re confident and ready for them—and their event!

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JammText interactive software

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