Promoting Your Brand Successfully with JammText

December 5, 2017

Every DJ has a schtick. It’s almost required in the entertainment and music communities. The scene can function a bit like a “buyer’s market”, with people having a buffet to choose from when it comes to their leisure and partying. That means you must be able to captivate the clients you wish to work with and be distinct in what you have to offer. Establishing and promoting your brand is paramount in the quest for making a name and strong reputation for yourself, but it isn’t without its challenges. Fortunately, user-friendly software such as JammText does the favor of being its own selling point, saving you the hassle of trying to come up with something gimmicky in order to build and promote your brand.

Artful Association

We are in the Information Age, where data passes through our computers, smartphones and other forms of mobile tech every second. People get their news in bite-sized pieces because attention spans are short and the desire for knowledge is widening. As a DJ, popularity and public opinion is everything. Club goers decide which venues they want to visit based on which DJ will be spinning, because a great DJ guarantees a fun night of money well spent.

So how do you build and promote a brand that is known for being an entertainment hub? You start with exposure and association. Developing a logo that people instantly associate with your name is an excellent way to establish your brand identity. With JammText software you are no longer limited to sticking decals on computers or convincing others to wear t-shirts bearing your name. You can use the software to easily display your logo wherever you’re DJing. JammText takes professional branding to an entirely different level, one that is sure to never be missed.

Promoting Your Brand Directly

One of the best ways JammText can help with promoting your brand is by connecting one-on-one with your guests. With a Pro plan or higher, this is a cinch. If guests post requests to the JammText screen, you can hit them back with a direct reply. This is a great way to let customers know you’re paying attention to them (because they never think the DJ does). It can also be a great way to get direct opt-in participation for messaging subscriptions.

With JammText, you can send batch messages to a group of past event attendees. This can be a nice, personal touch that will go a long way in retaining customers. Promoting your brand will be as easy as personalizing a message once and sending it to individual customers at one time. It saves time while going the extra mile to let people know you appreciate their support. Or, you can send messages to let them know about upcoming events. Customer retention is the key to getting booked for DJ gigs, and reaching out directly to attendees will help with that tremendously.

The Subliminal Sell

JammText software gives DJs a unique method to promote themselves in a way that doesn’t feel invasive to the audience. You don’t have to push anything on people while they’re at an event; instead, with JammText, your brand becomes a part of the environment. The hashtags and slogans you become known for get projected onto the screen for everyone to see and read. Successful branding is almost subliminal. Your audience and clients take it in without a “sell” or “push”; it’s just there around them as they’re enjoying themselves. So when they see it in an advertisement on your social media the following week, they learn to associate it with you. It’s a seamless way to gain a strong following, thereby making you the coveted entertainer among club managers and promoters. Your brand becomes its own best marketer.

Seize The Moment

Part of being invaluable in the DJ world is being able to draw a crowd. When building a strong fanbase, the public has to know when and where to find you, and that process should be simple. No one wants to hunt down information when they could simply choose a different party to attend. Using your social media and website to advertise dates and venues is a good start, but no one is checking your websites while dancing with a drink in their hand in a bar. Our JammText software allows you to scroll your social media handles and websites as well as your upcoming dates while you DJ.

The reality is, If you haven’t earned the attention of your public while they’re in your presence, you’re too late. Think about it: when you’re shopping for snacks and a vendor hands you a sample of something delicious, you’re more apt to buy a box of it right then, because you enjoyed what you tried and now you crave more. Displaying the dates you’ll be DJing while partygoers are having the time of their lives is when they’re most likely to plan to see you again and again. Your brand becomes known for showing people a good time, and they’re sure to want more.

JammText eliminates the need to haul huge banners and beg people to wear buttons with your DJ name on them. No more printing out flyers that inevitably end up on the ground or trashed. With JammText software you can promote your brand effortlessly, clearly and professionally with just a few pushes of a button. Brand yourself while doing what you love and look great doing it!

JammText interactive software

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JammText interactive software

Learn More Get JammText Today

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