Protect Your Rep: Keeping a Good Name in Industry Circles

February 8, 2017

The DJ industry is seriously competitive, with several interpersonal intricacies to boot. The success of any DJ looking to break into this industry and make a name for himself will be dependent on many factors. Perhaps one of the most influential elements in the DJ prosperity/longevity game is reputation. That’s right–presidents aren’t the only ones who have to be concerned about approval ratings. So, DJ, what’s your rep in the community, and how do you improve it?

Time Is Money

One of the easiest ways to acquire and maintain a good reputation is punctuality. Simple, right? Just be on time. It seems this would be a pretty effortless task, but more seasoned DJs will tell you otherwise. DJing an event begins well before you’re behind the turntables with music blasting. Think about it: you will be hauling expensive (and sometimes heavy) equipment with you to a venue that you’re not always familiar with. You’ll need to know the setup. How will you be connecting to the PA? What cables will you need? Are they equipped for projection of your JammText software, lighting, and any other features of your set? These are all important things to note, because you may need to make arrangements to bring material and devices with you, which will take time.

If you’re DJing at a club, doing a bit of research beforehand to inquire about location and parking is key. A club with an uptown address might mean no parking lot. You’ll need to know if there’s a parking deck that requires cash or card, or if transporting your equipment will take more time than you previously figured. All of these factors can make you tardy for the party if you’re not careful to consider and plan for them. Life happens, and most will be understanding of the isolated issue with timing, but a habitual tardiness will ensure that no one will want to hire or recommend you for gigs. Be the DJ who’s reliable and punctual; you will keep securing jobs and making connections because of it.

Principled Pricing

DJing can be a lucrative business; that is a great thing because a ton of work and skill goes into making it so. This can make it tempting to raise and lower your prices at will, but doing this may also end up making you the DJ with the rep for being unpredictable, or worse, unfair with pricing. The best avenue to establishing yourself favorably in the community is to sit down with yourself and evaluate the marketplace and both your skill level and offerings. Decide on a dedicated price list or range for what you do, and stick to it.

Times can be rough for any artist, but an unexpected “gig drought” or a sudden personal financial dilemma should not be reflected in the prices you charge for your services. Customers will remain loyal when they know what to expect from you. Keep in mind that companies factor events into their yearly budgets ahead of time. Promoters and event organizers will be more likely to call you for DJ services year after year if they can count on it fitting neatly inside of their expense plans. Your clientele will remember you as the DJ with stable and balanced pricing; that’s an advantage worth its weight in gold, reputation-wise.

Stay Above the Fray

DJing is an integral part of any event. Music sets the mood and creates the atmosphere. There’s no better feeling than knowing you and your music set were the reason people had the time of their lives, but it can be disheartening when the behind-the-scenes details are murky. It happens. Every DJ will run into a situation with a difficult client. Maybe you’re DJing a wedding and the bride and groom expect you to be a mindreader. Perhaps an event coordinator has hired you but refuses to nail down specifics in your contract. Though unintentional, client challenges and emergencies still put you in a compromising position.

Kinks in the plan can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated, but two of the most valuable tools of the trade are patience and cordiality. Want an honorable reputation? Be easy to work with. Go to consultations with your clients with enthusiasm and energy. When you show up for a gig and things need modification, be flexible. Keep complaining to a minimum. Refrain from gossip or venting about a client to other clients and maintain an upbeat attitude.

It’s easy to get so caught up in the artistry of DJing that the customer service aspect is forgotten. A great reputation will carry you far in this industry, along with growing your bank account. Remember: your most valuable commodity is your customer. After all, what’s the point of DJing if no one is listening, right?

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JammText interactive software

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