Your Secret Weapon: Using JammText At Your DJ Gigs

March 16, 2017

In a sea of DJs and those aspiring to be, it’s easy to get lost and looked over. Unfortunately, these days sometimes even being skilled at what you do isn’t enough to compete in this over-saturated market. Some believe you have to have a name or an “in” with certain circles. Those things might have merit, there is a surefire way to stand out in a crowd, regardless of the circumstances. You’ll need that extra “something” other DJs won’t offer. When you begin using JammText at your DJ gigs, you will add interactive features that crowds love and clients will love you for.

Increase Social Interaction

Most DJs will spin at several kinds of events over the course of their careers. With each gig will come different expectations, and club promoters and owners are no exception. DJing at a club can be most challenging because the crowds can be quite fickle. You never know if people will show up ready to dance and have a good time, or if you’ll be greeted by customers holding up the wall waiting on a specific song before they grace the floor with their presence.

One of the greatest advantages of utilizing JammText software is that it encourages social interaction in a way that nothing else can. Other DJs may fall back on screaming into the mic to hype the crowd or playing popular songs prematurely in hopes of putting people in a more sociable mood. With JammText, the work is done for you.

Take Advantage of the Selfie Sensation

We live in a “selfie” world. If you didn’t take a photo, did it really happen? People go places, often with the strict intentions of taking a photo to post it on social media. With JammText, the crowd can view photos of the other party-goers on the big screen in real time and join in.

Nobody wants to take a picture while posted up on a wall, right? What better photo op than out on the dance floor with close friends? You’ll never have to beg your audience to have a good time; with great music and opportunities to see themselves displayed on the big screen, they’ll be dashing in the doors and onto the dance floor all night. You get a happy promoter/owner, and they get an enthusiastic crowd that is sure to return again for an experience they won’t get anywhere else.

Client and Company Promotion Tool

DJing corporate events can be tricky. Often, these affairs involve large company budgets and include gathering the “who’s who” of industry in one room. Whether it’s a banquet or a benefit, with so much on the line, special event coordinators frequently use great care when selecting a DJ for the evening. One of the most unique features of the JammText software is that it allows you to use it as a promotional tool for your clients.

If your client wants to promote a product, a special cause, or to celebrate a milestone, you can arrange for the hashtag or theme to take center stage during the night as well as inspire the audience to join in, making the event or ceremony an even greater success. What other DJ can say he brings with him a resource which functions wholly as promotion for the client and not just himself?

Unique Software, Unique Opportunities

Even in arenas housing sporting events, you become the beacon of school pride or an avenue to spark excitement over a popular school rivalry. Can other DJs provide a way for students to show school pride with photos of themselves dressed in school colors and painted faces? What about hashtags that cheer on the teams and keep them pumped to win the game? You’re sure to be most sought after when you provide more opportunities to have the home court advantage!

JammText software allows the DJ to be so much more than a customized jukebox. You can be a promoter, a social media participant, encourage your audience to get involved in the cause of the night, or to celebrate a special person or anniversary. The software puts you in control and gives you an upper hand to specialized interaction and opportunities for your clients and audience. JammText truly is the secret weapon your competitors don’t have. Take advantage of this valuable software today!

JammText interactive software

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JammText interactive software

Learn More Get JammText Today

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Mixcity Inc was founded in 2008 with the mission of creating innovative software solutions and engagement tools for the working DJ. The team's first DJ product, KueIt, was groundbreaking when it was introduced years ago, and still remains an industry standard software solution to this day. Mixcity's latest innovation, JammText, is a revolutionary text to screen software solution that allows DJs to reach exciting new levels of crowd interaction and audience engagement.