Strengthen Your Club Residencies With JammText

September 22, 2016

Club Resident DJ
Any seasoned DJ knows that club residencies are complicated. It’s great to have a regular place to spin at each and every week, and the steady income is great too, but it’s not all rainbows and puppy toes. Internal politics, music format guidelines, birthday shoutouts, and drink special announcements often come with the territory when you’re a resident DJ. And, just when you think you have successfully mastered all of these challenges, you have to worry about continually proving that you’re the best DJ for the club, instead of one of the 25 other DJs trying to steal your spot. Luckily, innovative tools like JammText can help alleviate some of the struggles that you experience as a resident DJ.

What is JammText?

JammText is text to screen software that works alongside your favorite DJ program, or as a standalone solution. It allows club patrons to share texts, pics, social media posts, and more on the screens at the venue. A simple, non-obtrusive approval window keep you in charge of the content, so that nothing inappropriate is sent to the screens. On of the great things about JammText is that it is very “hands-off” for you as a DJ.

The software is intelligent enough to detect if a music video is playing on the displays. If so, it displays tweets, texts, and posts as an overlay banner on the screen. Once an audio-only track is dropped into the mix, JammText recognizes this and switches to full-screen mode, filling your screens with interactive content from the crowd.

When you use JammText at your club nights, you’re creating an amazingly engaging and interactive vibe. This in itself shows club management that you are committed to the success of the venue, but some of JammText’s other features can help you take that to the next level.

The Promotional Power of JammText

Montage Page
Clubs are in business to sell bottles and make money. As a DJ, you’re there to create a vibe and keep people drinking and dancing. JammText merges these two aspects by displaying custom banners and advertisements in rotation with other media and crowd content. Then, while you’re in the mix, JammText continually advertises drink specials and promotes upcoming events throughout the evening. Popular file formats like .jpg, .png, and .mp4 are supported, and adding files to the software is a simple “drag and drop” process. In addition to custom ads and banners, JammText also allows you to create and save custom photo montages and slideshows. Since montages can be saved for future use, it’s super easy to create and playback specific montages for each club that you spin at.

With these innovative promotional features at your fingertips, you’ll be able to strengthen and grow your relationships with club management. Instead of just showing up and playing music one or two times a week, you’ll have a reason to engage in a mutually beneficial business conversation with management. A simple, “What would you like me to promote for you this week?” can go a long way in proving that you are a valuable business partner instead of “just another DJ.”

To learn more about all of JammText’s amazing features, visit our JammText product page.

JammText interactive software

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JammText interactive software

Learn More Get JammText Today

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