Supercharge Your Wedding Photo Booths With JammText

August 10, 2016

If you’re a wedding DJ, you know how important it is to stay up to date on the latest wedding trends and upsells. Gone are the days of the standard, “show up and play music” wedding gigs. Now, you’re responsible for MCing, transforming the venue with uplighting, keeping guests entertained with a photo booth, and of course, playing music. Sure, upsells like these are a great way to improve your bottom line, but it’s dangerously easy to become a commodity when offering the same services and add-ons as the 12 other professional wedding DJs in your immediate area.

To keep and grow your wedding DJ business’ market share, it’s important to stand out and differentiate yourself. Instead of being just a “wedding DJ”, be “that wedding DJ who is an amazing mixer”. And, instead of offering your wedding clients just another “photo booth”, offer them a “supercharged social sharing photo booth” that displays the pictures in real time on the flatscreen TVs at the reception hall or on the screens in your DJ setup.

This photo booth sharing capability is just one of the many benefits of adding JammText text to screen software to your DJ arsenal. Not only can JammText display text messages and pictures that are sent to a custom phone number, but it can also display social media posts that use a designated hashtag. So, if someone shares a selfie and says, “Having a blast at the #HartingWedding”, it can automatically be sent to the screens or TVs at the venue or in your setup.

Supercharging the photo booth at your next wedding is a simple, “set it and forget it” process. Since most modern wedding photo booths have social media capabilities, you simply need to use the same hashtag for your JammText displays as the hashtag being used for the photo booth (ie – #HartingWedding). Then, anytime someone snaps a photo in the booth, it appears on your screens to be seen by the rest of the guests in attendance, along with any other photos taken by the guests themselves and tagged with the wedding hashtag.

As the wedding night progresses, things may start to get a little crazy in the photo booth and a guest may attempt to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable to show at a wedding. No worries! JammText puts you in control of approving or denying all messages and pictures before sending them live to the screens. A small approval window can be pinned to the same screen as your DJ program allowing you to moderate this messages without missing a beat.

By supercharging your photo booth with JammText, you can effectively tie multiple wedding upsells together in one “bride-friendly” offering. Your clients will love the interactivity that JammText brings to their wedding, and you’ll love receiving more compliments, better referrals, and higher booking fees!

JammText interactive software

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JammText interactive software

Learn More Get JammText Today

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