Useful Promotional DJ Merchandise Ideas

May 21, 2019

shirts and hats

Events come and go. Such is your life as a DJ, and such is the life of event attendees. You will undoubtedly make some serious impressions with your set and stage show. So what happens after the party? Hopefully there will be social connections and more fans made. But giving away memorable DJ merchandise can help keep your brand and namesake visible to your audience. Here are a few we think your new fans will appreciate.


When considering what DJ merchandise you should invest in, think visibility and easy promotion. T-shirts are a great investment that have stood the test of time for decades. People wear them as the outfit du jour. They wear them around the house. They wear them to bed! It’s just a comfortable article of clothing. You want your name and brand to be visible when fans think of that fun, casual, relaxing thing they can throw on.

Worn much more than hats or shades, t-shirts are coveted memoirs of concert-goers and event attendees. Your brand will look great on a fresh tee, and it will look better once it’s washed and worn in. Typically the more shirts you invest in, the cheaper they are. So, whether you sell them or give them away, t-shirts can help keep your expertise in the minds of your fans. And, they’re perfect promotions and conversation starters for people who need to get to know what you do.

USB drives

It’s true that most of the audio world is going towards streaming and cloud-based services, but there will always be a place for solid-state storage with mobile data (music included). USB drives, or flash drives may be a great solution for putting your mixes directly in the hands of fans, so you may want to consider them when choosing your DJ merchandise.

Not only can a USB drive hold your mixes, but it can also store your electronic press kit (EPK) and personal message for your fans. You could even make your USB mixes and info exclusive to these devices and not available online. This will create a sense of privilege for your event attendees, and that will go a long way in setting you apart from other DJs and other shows.

Personal speakers

What about what drives fans to your shows? Music! So why not consider DJ merchandise that caters to what they love doing – listening! They may cost a little more per piece, but earbuds are unique promotional items that cater to everyone who loves what you love – vibing out to their favorite songs. They’re an extremely universal item, and they can be used across listening platforms.

If you want to create a special giveaway, consider branding on small Bluetooth speakers. Again, they’re universal, and they can be used for more than just one activity. But, they don’t single the experience to one person’s ears. They can give a group of friends a taste of what you do, and you’ll have your name and brand visible to show them how much you’re dedicated to keeping the party going, even after the event.


No, food isn’t necessarily glamorous, and it’s a short-lived item. But if you’re doing a show with a packed crowd, who wouldn’t appreciate a bottle of “DJ [Insert Name Here]” water to quench their thirst? This type of DJ merchandise caters to their need, so it makes you look like the DJ who understands the party experience. They may not remember the bottle of water, but they’ll remember YOU for giving it to them.

And think about this: how many guys (or ladies) remembered to pick up mints before they hit the club? For that last song of the night, a few personalized mints may make or break what happens after people leave. Again, you’ll be the thoughtful savior/DJ wingman for helping your fans make a good impression (or at least not making a bad one).

Choosing promotional DJ merchandise shouldn’t be a difficult thing to consider. Just think about your fans and what they would want beyond the music, and how you can make that little memorable token happen for them. You’ll inevitably make them happier and set yourself up to be more than a memory when the night is over.

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JammText interactive software

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