Using JammText Text To Screen Software to Build Your DJ Brand

July 6, 2016

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When it comes to the DJ industry, there is no doubt that things have greatly changed over the last decade. Technology and innovation have lowered the barriers of entry to the DJ game, and as a result, the scene has become flooded with new DJs hungry for gigs. So, what separates the successful, working DJ from the struggling, unbooked DJ? Quite often, it’s proper branding. No longer is DJ success solely attributed to having the right records and skill-set. In today’s environment, you must present yourself in a way to create DEMAND for your PRODUCT. Luckily, there are a number of tools available to assist you in building your DJ brand. Text to screen software like JammText can help you build your relationships with fans, venues, private event clients. All while building and positively reinforcing you DJ brand.

What is Text To Screen Software?

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Simply put, text to screen software is software that allows your crowd or guests to send SMS text messages to a screen on public display at the event or venue. A dedicated phone number and instructions on the screen make this possible for even the least technical savvy guest (like Grandma Sylvia at the wedding!) The type of message will vary with the event. It could be a birthday shoutout, wedding congratulations, or simply and expression of enjoyment. Whatever the message, they all work together to create an atmosphere of interactivity, togetherness, and fun.

Going Beyond Text To Screen With JammText

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Even though texting is still heavily used, it’s definitely not the hottest trend in communication. Today it’s all about social networking. JammText goes beyond traditional text to screen software and adds in the interactivity of custom hashtags, Twitter integration, and Instagram photos. With JammText at your disposal, you can create custom hashtags for each event that you DJ (#smithwedding, #pubcrawl2016, #foamfrenzy, etc.) The hashtag with be displayed on the screens at the venue, and everyone in attendance will be encouraged share Twitter posts and Instagram photos on the screen throughout the evening. At the same time, these messages will be promoted to the masses on social media through the custom hashtag, creating public awareness of the event and reinforcing your brand as a great DJ.

So How Does Text To Screen Software Build Your DJ Brand?

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First and foremost, in order for text to screen software to work with and not against you, it needs to be extremely user friendly. There’s already enough going on with your current DJ software like cue points, loops, pitch adjustments, and effects. The last thing you need is a bulky text to screen program that requires you to minimize your Serato or Virtual DJ window every time you need to moderate a text to screen message. JammText uses a small pop-out control window that you can pin over whatever program is running on your screen. In a glance, you can see new incoming messages and approve or deny them as necessary. This unobtrusive window allows you to remain focused on your mixing and reinforcing your brand as a skilled DJ that plays amazing music.

Aside from branding yourself as a skilled DJ, it’s also important to present yourself as a well-known and connected DJ. JammText helps you accomplish this through automatically compiling contact and social media integration as you receive messages through the software. This makes it easy to follow up with a quick thank you after an event or send out a personal invitation to your next show. If done correctly and tastefully, these messages will help strengthen and grow your fan base, resulting in a more powerful brand and increased bookings.

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JammText interactive software

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