Using Social Media as a DJ Promotional Tool

May 23, 2017

The pool of great DJs isn’t showing any signs of shrinking anytime soon. If anything, more and more people are seeking opportunities to gain access to the industry, which in turn makes it harder for everyone to find their audience and capture the attention of potential clients. Luckily, we live in the age of social media. It offers quick and easy ways to communicate with others and to also spread information. The benefits of using social media as a DJ promotional tool are endless, and it is particularly ideal for DJs looking to promote their brand.

Popularity is Profitable

Remember living for the weekends? If you worked a traditional 9-to-5, Fridays through Sundays were days when you had a chance to go party and let loose. Well, times they are a’changin’, and nobody waits until the weekend to party anymore. There are events and parties almost every day of the week. People are inundated with everything, from party bills left on car windshields to radio ads and listserv emails. Notice a trend? Everyone is promoting their event ,and you should be, too. Social Media sites like Facebook and Instagram allow you to post things and inform the masses all at once. You can design a graphic and have it re-shared instantly to increase promotion. These sites thrive on interconnectedness. Their algorithms ensure that what one person posts, hundreds of others see. Using sites like these gives you the chance to expand your audience beyond just your immediate friend lists and group. More promotion means greater turnout at your events.

The Benefits of Balancing

There is an art to social media promotion, and you’re going to need to don your multitasking skills to do it effectively. Go into each event with a goal of future promotion in mind. What does this mean? It means thinking about what your online presence will yield and the active role you will play in molding it. Consider hiring a photographer or talented friend to tag along and capture photos of you at an event. Perspective is power, so think about images that will impress: those with shots of larger crowds, engaged crowds and cool lighting effects. More is definitely more when it comes to what gets shared on Facebook and liked on Instagram (both 100% free sites). Now is not the time for modesty. So take advantage of unique photography filters and angles.

DJs tend to forget to ask for reviews. With software like JammText, you can remind your audience in unique ways to visit sites like Yelp, Google, or Weddingwire to write a short synopsis of the great time they had at your event. You could even share photos from the reviews with the software! Think about targeted ads on Google and Facebook. Everyone’s internet cookies work similarly. You log in and see ads related to where you live and your interests. Capitalize on this and find your audience.

Reaching Out

Connecting with people personally will always keep you in high esteem with the public. Anyone can tell you about a party or event, but being able to inquire about it with the people directly involved has a way of tipping the odds in your favor. Twitter is an excellent resource that has managed to do something no other social media site has: it placed celebrities in a position to communicate one on one with their fans! What’s awesome is that you don’t have to be a celeb to reap those benefits. DJs throwing an event or spinning at a club can talk about where they’ll be and what party-goers can expect. They can ask fans what they want to hear and what they’re most looking forward to in order to build excitement.

Another really great way to use Twitter is by promoting fellow DJs and their events. No man is an island; we all need each other. Shouting out another DJ in the Twitterverse is an excellent way to both build relationships in the industry as well as possibly gain access to their fanbase, as well. Consider an application like Hootsuite. It’s free and practically does all the work for you! Hootsuite lets you manage all your social media in one place and schedule posts ahead of time to post whenever you please. With apps like these, you can stay connected to your fans and peers in the industry, securing yourself a comfortable spot in your scene. Promotion is very often a two-way street, and you should take advantage of it.

Showcase Your Skill

Promotion encompasses a wide range of strategies and methods. When you’ve done everything else and decided that talk is cheap, think of ways to advertise what you do from a more “hands on” approach. Utilize one of the many music hosting sites to upload some of your mixes. You can get creative and come up with themes and hashtags to make them easier to search and find. People are always looking for workout mixes to listen to as they sweat away the pounds, or energizing pick-me-ups while they clean the house. How great would it be if you became known for your extensive library and for being the go-to DJ for the hottest mixes? Many of these music sites that hold competitions regularly. Mixcloud is a site that many DJs frequent to not only hear what others are doing, but to enter contests with prizes like exotic trips and opportunities to DJ at once-in-a-lifetime venues and events. It’s a great way to gain the attention of an audience you may not be able to typically reach in your own circles. You may find that posting your best mixes in places such as these helps bring some positive notoriety and promotion to your brand.With attention spans shortening day by day, it can feel impossible to grab the interest of your potential clients and audience. Consider using these online sites and social media outlets to reach out to the people you hope to connect with, and to inform them of events they might be interested in attending. It will undoubtedly cut out much of the leg work without sacrificing impact. Promotion doesn’t have to be difficult if you’re committed to taking advantage of the resources right at your fingertips.

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JammText interactive software

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