Using Text To Screen Software to Improve Your Video DJ Sets

July 19, 2016

JammText Text To Screen Software on Media Wall at Club

When done correctly, video DJing can be amazingly dope! Whether it’s at a high-energy nightclub or at an elegant wedding, when you throw visuals into the mix, it just takes things to an entirely new level. However, video DJing also comes with its fair share of challenges: obtaining the latest videos, finding non-corny ambient graphics, and keeping the crowd engaged and dancing instead of sitting and staring at the screens.

Fortunately, our text to screen software, JammText, can help you overcome challenges like these so that you can absolutely murder your video DJ sets. As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to build your fanbase and build your DJ brand!

JammText is More Than Just Text To Screen Software

JammText software works in tandem with your favorite DJ program, including Serato, MixEmergency, and Virtual DJ. By utilizing a custom SMS phone number or hashtag, the crowd and guests at an event can interact with you and each other by sharing pictures and messages on the screen. Since it is designed to discretely display as a window on top of DJ software, you can quickly and easily approve or reject these messages while still deep in the mix.

For video DJs, JammText’s proprietary video detection software can be an absolute lifesaver! No longer will you need to search for static logos or cheesy ambient videos to accompany music-only tracks. JammText will automatically detect if there is other media playing on the screen, and will switch back and forth between a full-screen and a banner overlay. You’ll always have a full screen of engaging content for your crowd to keep things interesting and professional between music videos.

Add Extra Branding Firepower to your Video DJ Sets

In addition to live streaming audience generated content and texts to the screen during your set, JammText also allows you to customize your displays with banners and advertisements. These ads will rotate with the audience generated messages and are incredibly simple to set up. Just drag and drop your commercials or messages into JammText and you’re good to go! JammText is compatible with popular media file types like .jpg, .png, .mp4, and others. This capability opens up a variety of opportunities for video DJs, including paid advertising and promotional opportunities!

Create Slideshows in a Snap

JammText also allows you to easily create custom photo montages for weddings, parties, nightclub events or concerts. Once created and customized, you can save the montage for recurring events, or use it as a template to save time the next time you have a client that requests a custom slideshow. You can create, duplicate, edit, and delete montages at any time.

Follow Up After Your Next Event

While you’re behind the decks at the party, JammText is working in the background compiling contact information from crowd interactions. After the event, you can easily send a message to all of the guests in attendance thanking them for coming out. Or, if you would like to reply to each person individually, similar to a typical text conversation, Jammtext can do that as well. Then, be sure to leverage your contact list for future events and send out a custom invite to help boost attendance.

With JammText, you can take both your video DJ sets and your DJ career to new heights. Head over to the JammText website to learn how to get started!

JammText interactive software

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JammText interactive software

Learn More Get JammText Today

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