How Being A Video DJ Can Set Your Business Apart

November 21, 2016

Video DJ

Every DJ can claim they’re the best. They can have the most extensive library and the greatest sets. They can understand how to read the crowd and keep people energized and excited for hours. Those are great accolades to have, but other DJs can say they do the same. The question shouldn’t be about being a “good” DJ; it should be about being a unique DJ. If you can’t confidently answer the question, “What sets you apart from everyone else?” you might want to consider adding videos to your audio presentation.

More Bells & Whistles

Your favorite DJ is your favorite DJ for a reason. He does something that appeals to you, something that is unique to his set and presentation. Video DJing could be your calling card – that thing people remember you for (aside from your amazing set). This could be the ticket to cultivating your notoriety. It can also increase your value in the entertainment industry, as visual content is one of the top content marketing strategies to date.

Less Competition

Video DJing, while it is gaining popularity, is not something most DJs offer. If you have the capability of offering video for your events, you become a member of the small, upper echelon of DJs who provide an exclusive experience for your clients and patrons. Plus, there is a serious financial aspect of this specialty, as many places that showcase video (and video DJing) are larger, commercialized venues that would pay more money for your services. That’s a win-win scenario.

Stronger Crowd Engagement

Great DJ’s know how to drop the right song at the right moment to win the crowd over. That’s expected. How many parties, weddings and events can your clientele attend where they get the added bonus of music videos synced perfectly alongside the tunes they’re rocking to? The combination of audio and video stimulation will increase engagement with others on the dancefloor as well as with you.

Also, consider the people who dance themselves sweaty for 15 to 20 minutes before needing a break. Grabbing a drink typically creates a subliminal pause in the party, but a lull in the action would be unlikely if you add videos to the occasion. Incorporating videos will not only more strongly involve your audience, but it will keep them engaged throughout the event. Video DJing is sure to keep their attention, as the crowd will be waiting to see what you drop next – musically and visually.

Social Media Connections

Being a video DJ can also increase your promotion efforts and help build and expand your event fanbase. With programs such as JammText, you can take video interaction to a new level by using social media and texting applications to post requests, crowd comments, photos and announcements. As people use social media and texts, JammText automatically creates a database of users, allowing you to send personal thanks to everyone for coming to your event. Furthermore, even if you don’t have a video for every song you want to play, JammText will automatically detect when you are not playing video and fill the screen, ensuring that you always have professional full-screen content. This is a revolutionary program that will set a new standard for video viability.

As a DJ, you undoubtedly access your creative flair as a connoisseur of sound; being a video DJ on top of that will enhance your professional visibility in a sometimes saturated market, as well as give your clients and event patrons a new perspective of how much fun social events should be.

JammText interactive software

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JammText interactive software

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