Why You Should Be Attending Music Conferences and Expos as a DJ

March 29, 2018

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Here’s an introspective question for you, DJ: are you an industry dinosaur? Are you set with your equipment, playlists and ways of doing things in the entertainment industry? Do you think your way is the best/only way to do a party or event? Do you have an “us four and no more” mentality when it comes to your connections? Having a mindset remotely near any of these is detrimental to professional growth. That’s why attending music conferences and expos as a DJ must be a priority.
These events are a breath of fresh air for your music mentality and DJ business.

Stay Up On Industry Trends

One of the primary reasons you should be attending music conferences is to stay abreast of current industry trends and progressions. We are living in an age where technology changes by the moment. Conferences and expos provide seminars and educational sessions that discuss where the DJ, entertainment and music industries are heading. You, DJ, need to stay ahead of that curve. These conferences are virtual think tanks for innovative mindsets, hardware and software like JammText.

Demo New Equipment

When it comes to getting hands-on experience with the latest hardware and software, music conferences and expos are gigantic toy stores for DJs. Conferences like Mobile Beat, NAMM and the DJ Expo highlight the best in mobile, DJ and pro audio. Top-notch brands depend on attendees like you to come and test out the latest and greatest equipment. They want to show you, the professional in the field, what they’ve come up with. Plus, they look to you to get your valuable input for upcoming projects. Your insight matters, and national music conferences are wonderful opportunities to have your thoughts and opinions heard.

Connect With Sponsors

Professional organizations invite the best brands in the industry. As such, attending music conferences are a great way to showcase your talents and be seen by sponsors. Let’s say you’re using podcasts or YouTube to market and enhance your business. Expos are a great place to show your brand as a great candidate for a music or professional sponsor. Just think: demoing a new DJ controller at a music conference could be the spark for a new collaboration with an audio brand. It happens more than you think.

Build Your Network

Not only will you connect with brands while attending music conference, but you will also do a ton of networking with other DJs and musicians in the industry. The DJ and entertainment industries are so huge now, and you never know who you may run into. The bottom line is that these events are full of your peers. Getting to know them professionally or personally will help you make connections beyond your local reach. Extending your brand is never a bad thing when it comes to promoting your business. Taking advantage of that is much easier at audio conferences and events where you’re surrounded by like minds.

Sure, you’re a good DJ. And yes, you’re great at what you do. But when you stop learning, especially about your craft, you stop growing. Take some time to invest in your DJ business and check out what’s on the horizon at an upcoming music conference or expo.

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JammText interactive software

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