KueIt 3.0.2 available now

May 29, 2020

kueit 3.0.1 update

We are pleased to release version 3.0.2 of KueIt. This version features less CPU and memory usage than previous versions, along with several bug fixes and better channel support. KueIt can now output on all audio devices, even 2 deck controllers.

If your device has 4 or more channels, you will see an option in the settings to output to channels 1-2 3-4

If your device has more than 4 channels, you will also see an option for ALL

kueit audio settings tab

This means that KueIt will output to all channels specified. In previous versions, only two channels were supported (left and right).

If you have a two deck controller that does not have an auxiliary (AUX) input, you can now select your controller as the audio device inside KueIt and then select channels 1-2 3-4. KueIt will now output audio through your controller.

We recommend all KueIt 3 users to download this update. KueIt 2 users will need to purchase an upgrade license.

Download KueIt 3.0.2

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JammText interactive software

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