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November 28, 2016


DJs, artists and broadcasters all look for that something extra when it comes to live events. The music and blends typically speak for themselves, but performances can often use sounds and snippets to enhance the listener experience. KueIt gives you the ability to utilize various sound effects and audio clips instantly. Playing sound samples now is as easy as touching a computer keypad.

Radio Shows

KueIt takes the concept of creating live sound effects and digitizes it for a 21st-century presentation. With the ability to use up to 310 audio sounds, broadcasters can create profiles for various on-air DJs for them to personalize with sounds that cater to their show’s content. They can drag, play and place drops, jingles and sound effects simultaneously with absolutely no delay.

Editing sounds with KueIt has never been easier. You can use the loop function to create beds for interviews, contests or talk-overs – and save them in the audio. You can also alter the file and master gains of each individual clip to ensure sound regulation. It’s easy to see how KueIt can not only enhance on-air programming but behind-the-scenes production as well.

Sporting Events

Broadcasters for sporting events can now give the organist a break. Record the “Charge!” theme and access it with KueIt. Using KueIt as a primary sound provider will allow sports producers to be extremely creative with inserting audio clips and music files without any size limit or length limitation.

Use the profiles function to organize clips for separate rival teams, and have unique sound effects ready for them when they hit the arena. Plus, you can customize each team’s display with their team colors for easier access. Set up the favorite crowd songs that energize the team. The creative applications are endless and will add to the energy, engagement and home court advantage.

Live Performances

DJs will have a blast with air raid horns, gun shots, name drops and a host of other sounds that KueIt lets you play before, during and after mixes. Using the software in half-screen mode allows DJs to have both KueIt and their preferred mixing software easily accessible at the same time. Creating a profile will allow DJs to access their favorite clips in seconds.

Performing artists will appreciate KueIt’s auto-play function. When creating a profile of sound clips, they can access and play the profile playlist with the touch of one button. It’s easy to see how an entire set can be virtually created and run from the various KueIt functions and features.

These are just a few ways KueIt’s real-time audio playback functions can enhance live audio performances and events. To take your performance to the next level, download, install and start using KueIt Software today! See more on our KueIt home page.

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